WAITE PARK -- It's an exciting time in Waite Park as crews have officially started work on the future amphitheater site.

Public Works Director Bill Schluenz says they are finishing with Phase 1 in the construction and have begun Phase 2.

We just started the other day with digging the footings for the main stage. That will continue until we get the buildings up.

The Waite Park amphitheater is expected to host about 15 to 20 national acts every year and will sit roughly 4,000 to 5,000 people.

Schlunez says a big emphasis on the construction was incorporating as much of the natural elements, such as the two quarries, as possible.

There is beauty out here and we want to retain that to the best of our abilities.

Construction is expected to wrap up in next summer with anticipation of holding their first concert in August 2020.

The project is estimated to cost nearly $15-million, with $5-million coming from state bonding money.

The city is currently seeking input in naming the facility. In a recent timeline put out by city staff, they hope to have all names submission by July 5th, from there the council will narrow the list for the public to vote on by July 15th, and potentially announce the name by August.