WAITE PARK - You may have noticed a few of your co-workers slip out of work a little early on Thursday. Many of them may have ended up at the Ultimate Sports Bar in Waite Park to watch March Madness.

Not only was it the opening day of the NCAA Tournament but the Minnesota Gophers tipped off at 3:00 p.m. giving people even more of a reason to tune in.

One bar customer says some people may not want others to know where they are right now.

"You may want to be careful who you catch on camera around here today, some of these people may not want their bosses to know why they left work early".

When the customer was asked their name they declined, saying they were one of those people who didn't want others to know they were playing hooky.

Though the Gophers lost, Ultimate Sports Bar owner Tom Frerichs says many of these people will continue to crowd the bar all month.

"It's just something about this tournament, people love it. Male, female, old or young it doesn't matter, people just want to watch."

Over the first six days of the tournament 68 teams will play 52 combined games.

(Justin LaBounty, WJON)
(Justin LaBounty, WJON)


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