ST. CLOUD -- President Trump recently released his proposed budget and organizations that help families with heating assistance could take a hit.

Trump proposed cutting nearly $90 million for heating assistance programs throughout the country. Here in St. Cloud, Tri-Cap's Executive Director Lori Schultz says this could affect thousands of homes.

"In St. Cloud it would effect over 3,000 households that currently receive energy assistance funds. These are individuals, they're families with small children, they are people with disabilities and they are our senior population."

The average household in St. Cloud gets anywhere between a $350- 500 grant to help with heating costs. Schultz says without that assistance those in need will likely need to cut corners elsewhere in their budget.

"What we do at Tri-Cap is by being able to provide energy assistance to people, it gives them the opportunity to not have to choose between whether or not they can pay for their prescriptions, or pay for the food that they need or housing. So it will really affect all aspects of low-income people in the St. Cloud area."

Trump's budget is only a proposal, it still has to go through congress in order to pass.


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