WAITE PARK -- Today we unveil our next Top 10 story of 2020 on WJON.com - coming in at #7 is the grand opening of Mavericks Steaks and Cocktails in Waite Park.

The new dining experience opened for business on February 10th only to be shut down a few weeks later because of the restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

Restaurant Manager Tim Cullers says just when they were starting to get their footing, the pandemic pulled the rug from under them.

The biggest personal challenge was laying off so many people. We had just hired them, we had begun implementing all of our systems and then it all came to an abrupt close.

Cullers says at the time they opted not to serve takeout as they just didn't have the systems in place being such a new business. He says it wasn't until the summer months when they began opening back up but with a limited menu.

We didn't open immediately when the governor allowed patio seating as it wasn't financially feasible, but around mid-June is when we were allowed to start indoor dining.

Cullers says guests staying at the hotels and some of the smaller weddings and concerts at the Park Event Center did help drive some business they lost with the limited dining capacity.

He says it was unfortunate the timing of their opening as they didn't have a chance to get established, but they are looking forward to hitting the reset button in 2021.

We're just excited to really reopen, continue to introduce ourselves into the community and be a part of it.

Cullers says even with the governors most recent announcement they do not plan to do curbside, takeout or delivery until indoor dining is allowed again.

Mavericks Steaks and Cocktails offers a modern take on a traditional bbq/steakhouse joint, while inside a unique atmosphere with the freshest food and drinks.

The restaurant is located inside the Hilton Garden Inn in Waite Park.

Mavericks Steaks and Cocktails

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