My four year old got his first pair of ice skates from his grandma for Christmas. We took him out to skate on the lake that afternoon and it was a struggle to say the least.

His little legs were understandably really wobbly and he wasn't confident enough to try to stand on his own, let alone try to skate by himself. My arms were getting sore trying to hold him up out there!

Then, because Facebook is always listening, I got an ad on my feed for a product called Skateez, which billed itself as a 'skate trainer.' After being bombarded by ads for what felt like an entire lifetime, I finally caved and ordered some.

The product, which costs about $25, attaches to the hole between the sole of the skate and the blade with velcro and a rubber pad to keep the 'Skateez' in place. They basically function like training wheels on a bicycle.


From the minute we attached these things to his skates his confidence went through the roof. I don't know if it was more that they actually helped him balance or if it was a placebo, but it definitely worked.

The next time we went on the ice we did a couple of laps holding hands but he was soon ready to skate on his own. Well, it was more of a shuffle but he made it from the red line to the blue line all by himself and he was pumped up about it!

Now he asks to go ice skating all the time and has found a new hobby.

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