When you think of a Minnesota city rich with great restaurants, which city comes to mind? Minneapolis? St. Paul? Maybe a suburb like Bloomington or Edina?

One Minnesota city is not asking anymore and instead has declared ITSELF as Minnesota's 'restaurant capital,' and that city is Maple Grove. Wait, what?

With over 120 restaurants in the town, Experience Maple Grove is calling the race and declaring itself the winner of a contest I didn't know existed before an hour ago.

"One of the fastest-growing communities in the state, Maple Grove is a city that has it all," the website says. "Our shopping and dining district is filled with brand-name stores, local boutiques and excellent restaurants."

They even have a commercial featuring KAT PERKINS! That makes it official in my opinion.

The claim certainly is not without merit as Maple Grove does boast a lot of great restaurants and places to eat. My family makes the pilgrimage to town every so often to eat and play at Dave and Buster's and we have eaten at several of the other places in the city like Biaggi's and Redstone as well.

Commenters on Reddit do not seem so eager to declare Maple Grove the winner.

"I guess that’s one way to spin being the strip mall capital of Mn"

"Featuring not just national chain restaurants, but also local chain restaurants!"

"All the convenience of eating at the airport with none of the hassle, except the hassle is replaced by a death spiral of streets the lead to parking lots without clearly marked exits."

"It may not have the most restaurants, but it has the best. I can't stop eating out of Maplegrove. I can't sleep unless I eat there. I can't focus at work or relax at home. It is all that I can think of. My friends and family are not fans of the travel so I haven't seen or talk to them in months. Excuse me while I go to Maplegrove."

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