Looking for unique spots to visit in and around our great state? If you head north to Virginia, you'll find Minnesota's Tallest bridge.

It's called "The Virginia High Bridge" which is located about 185 miles northeast of St. Cloud, and it will take you a little over 3 hours to drive there.

Photo: MnDOT Webcam.
Photo: MnDOT Webcam

I learned some interesting facts about this bridge; like the fact that it is one of Minnesota's newest bridges. Construction on the bridge started back in 2015 and it was opened two years later in 2017.

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An article that was written by, says the bridge was built mainly due to politics and mining. In the year 1960, Minnesota signed a private easement agreement with US Steel to expand Highway 53 to four lanes. According to the agreement, if the ore was needed prior to 1987, US Steel would move the highway at its cost. After that year, it would be the state's responsibility. Due to a lack of locations to build the bridge, MnDot finally agreed on a 3.2-mile reroute over the Rouchleau Pit, even though it would have significant engineering challenges to meet, including being built in an area that still has active mining.


The Virginia High Bridge is high above a manmade lake called Rouchleau Lake. It looks like an absolutely beautiful drive. Rouchleau Lake was a manmade mining lake. The bridge has bike and pedestrian lanes as well as lanes for vehicles, and ATV traffic is also allowed to cross the bridge.

The speed limit across the bridge is 50 miles an hour and it takes about 15 seconds to cross the super-tall bridge. According to, the view is beautiful. The article says you can actually see the aqua-blue water shimmering below.  The view all around the bridge shows beautiful red cliffs and scenery.




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