Admittedly, Minnesota has some words that are difficult to pronounce.  "Wayzata" seems second nature to those of us that were born here, but I suppose it you're driving across the country and you see that sign you may question how to say it.

But if you say "WAY-Zah-ta", then right off the bat we know you're not from here, right?

Photo by: Unsplash
Photo by: Unsplash

I asked for your input a little while back on Facebook after I'd seen a list from Better Life that placed "Wayzata" as #1 most mispronounced city in the United States.

You came through with a few street names and lots of city names, that when mispronounced, are a dead-giveaway that you're not from here!


Patty O said when she hears these: Gay....LORD. and Will...MAR!

Katie pointed out "Xerxes" Ave. I probably would not have know how to pronounce that except we had family friends that lived on the street for a very long time.

Elena chimed in with "Bemidji".  I went to college in Bemidji and whenever I tell someone that I inevitably have to repeat it a couple times until they can say it correctly. So yeah, Elena was spot on with this one.

Patty M said Shakopee.  Again, second nature to Minnesotans but not so much for those from out of town.

Rounding out the suggestions: Onamia, Chokio, (I can't lie, even I had to look up the pronunciation on this one because I didn't think I was saying it correctly!) Owatonna, Glendorado, Santiago and Holdingford.

Did you think of any others? Feel free to chime in on the 98-1 App or on the phones!

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