Taylor Swift 'The Eras Tour' kicks off today, March 17th - St. Patrick's Day - in Glendale, Arizona. Excuse me, actually the Mayor has renamed it for two days as the tour gets going, Swift City. That' s not the point. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, tours of the year is beginning and Swifties everywhere are rejoicing, or crying if they were unable to secure the controversially hard to get tickets.

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What fans all around the world can rejoice in together however, is that Taylor Swift decided to drop a major surprise on fans, the day before she was to head out on her massive tour. If you follow her closely on all her socials, hopefully you were checking out her Instagram stories, because that is where she shared:

In celebration of The Eras Tour I'm releasing 4 previously unreleased songs tonight at midnight.

She then went on to share the four tracks she would be releasing are

Eyes Open (Taylor's Version)

Safe & Sound (featuring Joy Williams and John Paul White)

If This Was a Movie (Taylor's Version)

and a never heard before song....

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All of the Girls You Loved Before

Don't believe me here's a look at what she shared on her Instagram:

Image Credit: Taylor Swift via Instagram story
Image Credit: Taylor Swift via Instagram story

I have no doubt all fans already have these downloaded and are singing along and preparing to belt them out alongside Taylor when she makes here way to many destinations. With one of them thankfully being here in Minnesota.

Taylor Swift has TWO shows at U.S. Bank Stadium Friday, June 23 and the originally announced date Saturday, June 24. Her special guests include girl in red on both days and Gracie Abrams at Friday's show and OWENN at Saturday's show. Full details can be found here.

Who is excited for her new releases, what do you think of them? Hit us up in our chat with thoughts. But if you're a true Swiftie I think I already have an idea of what you think so just enjoy!

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