ST. CLOUD - Governor Mark Dayton has named St. Cloud police chief to a new task force aimed at protecting kids. Chief Blair Anderson is one of about two dozen people from across the state that will sit on the "Take Force on the Protection Of Children".

Anderson says we have to do more to help kids. He says, "I don't think its a stretch to say that some of our systems are broken and failing what I consider our greatest natural resources, which is our children. I mean it sounds cliche', but they're our future so we probably need to do a little bit better job of making sure that they get from the cradle to adulthood as unscathed as possible."

The task force will make recommendations for improvements to the child protection system prior to the start of the upcoming 2015 State Legislative session.

Governor Dayton created the task force in the wake of the death of year-year-old Eric Dean of Pope County.