ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud mom says her son missed a couple days of school this week after an incident on the bus on his way home from school on Monday afternoon. Jennifer Zinken says her son is an 8th grader at Athlos Academy.

The bus driver couldn't continue the route because the kids were so rowdy and out of control and running around.  She had to pull over.  She had some issues herself.  She was being checked out by paramedics as well.  My son got put on an ambulance because he had a major panic attack.

Zinken says one of her biggest concerns is she found out about the incident from a neighbor, not Athlos Academy or the bus company. She says her son spent about a half hour in the ambulance before she got there.

She says she feels action should be taken to discipline the students who were causing trouble on the bus.

I'd like the naughty kids taken off that bus. Its happened for three years.  They have cameras on the bus, they can figure it out.  I just feel like I have bus transportation, I don't feel like I should have to drive my kids back and forth to school every day.

St. Cloud Fire Department Battalion Chief Greg Newinski did confirm to WJON news that a fire crew and Gold Cross ambulance were called to an incident involving a school bus at 22nd Street South and Clearwater Road at about 4:00 p.m. on Monday. He says some people on the bus were treated for anxiety, however, HIPAA privacy rules prevented him from saying anything more.

Athlos Academy has released a statement saying that miscommunication is to blame for part of the incident and students will be disciplined.

On Monday evening, emergency medical personnel were dispatched to a bus transporting Athlos students to care for a student suffering from emotional distress. Unfortunately, the school was not notified of the incident by Metropolitan Transportation Network, the busing contractor, except to say that the bus would be running late, which was relayed by the school to parents.  The lack of communication on the part of the bus company with the school and parents is unacceptable, and we are working diligently to remedy the situation and improve communications.  Our discipline policies and procedures are being followed in dealing with this incident, and the students involved will be assigned consequences in accordance with those discipline policies.

Metropolitan Transportation Network spokesman Jack Grandlund says the reason the driver pulled the school bus over is...

over the concern of the safety of one of the passengers on the bus.

He says it was not because other kids on the bus were being rowdy or unruly.  Grandlund says he can't comment on whether the driver was treated by paramedics, but he did say that the driver is not currently on a regular route. As for the parents not being notified more quickly about the incident, Grandlund says they followed proper procedures, and they are always trying to improve on communication.

District 742 Communications Director Tami DeLand says the St. Cloud Area School District does not contract school bus service with Athlos Academy.

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