Many Central Minnesota employers have been looking for workers over the past few months and they are now starting to see more applicants.  That according to Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation Talent Director Gail Cruikshank.  See says she has heard from employers lately indicating they are seeing more applications for their openings and are increasingly optimistic with the Federal expanded unemployment benefit set to end next month.

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The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation a couple of months ago reached out to employers asking them a series of questions about the local workforce.  Their findings indicated that 56% of employers said the expanded unemployment benefits were most often the biggest challenge in finding employees.  44% said it was the Government stimulus checks.  Cruikshank said 28% of employers cut back in expansion in the last year, 23% are looking for 14 or more open positions and 14 companies (7%) considered relocating their company.  Cruikshank says the most difficult position is the $15-$20 per hour positions.

Employers are prepared for a surge of people returning to work in September.  She says job seekers should beat the rush by seeking employment now.  Employers should evaluate whether they are an "employer of choice".  Choice employers offer attractive wages, referral bonuses, benefits, child care support, PTO, remote work and flexible scheduling.  Cruikshank says the job market is still a "job seeker" market with lots of employers seeking workers.  She says job seekers should evaluate all opportunities.

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