Major League Baseball and the NBA continue to plan for their respective restarts this month despite an increase in confirmed Covid-19 cases in 35 states.  Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan joined me on WJON today.  He says the NBA, MLB and NHL all have plans to deal with positive Covid-19 cases but the likely plan is that who has the virus won't be made public in a similar way to how injuries are handled.


The NBA is still planning a restart at the end of July.  Jim says both the NBA and MLB have plans in place handle players who test positive with Covid-19 but he's not sure how many cases could cause a shutdown of the sport.  The NHL is planning a return and it appears Toronto and Vancouver are the leading contenders to become hub cities to host games.  Many Minnesota Wild players have been skating and staying in shape ready to return.

Major League Baseball MVP award plagues  consist of the mention of former Commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis.  Former National League MVP Barry Larkin would like to see Landis removed from the trophy.  Jim Souhan says Landis discriminated against black baseball players during his time as commissioner and Jim agrees with Larkin that Landis should be removed.

Nelson Cruz turned 40 years old today.  Jim says Cruz keeps himself in great shape and he doesn't think a decline in Cruz' game is coming anytime soon.  Cruz was a late bloomer.  He didn't establish himself as a Major League Leaguer until he was 28.  Jim says it took Torii Hunter awhile to get established too.

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