We seem to have conflicting ideas on the idea of giving our kids an allowance. What do they get an allowance for? Is it good grades in school? That does take hard work and focus. Do we give kids an allowance for household chores? Do your kids that work on a farm get paid an allowance? Or are your kids just lucky that you provide them with everything they need; clothing, cell phone, money for movies, concerts, and sporting events?

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According to a survey last year, 75% of parents give their children an allowance. The majority of those parents say that their kids have to work for their allowance. 35% of parents pay somewhere between $11 to $20.  The average seems to be about $20 a week. The reason most parents give an allowance is to teach their kids the value of working to earn money. Makes sense to me. My parents did it in different ways depending on our age. The older we were, the bigger the chores became and the more money we could make.


Here are some of the responses we received from central Minnesotans about the question: 'How much money do you give your kids for allowance, and at what age do you stop?"


Kristin....This is their house too, why do I need to pay them to help clean the mess they made? Outside chores or extras that may be time-consuming, then possible payment but not daily stuff…
Sarah....My kiddo doesn't get an allowance per se. We both pitch in (it's just myself and her). I don't want toys everywhere. She doesn't want my art supplies everywhere so we agree to be responsible for our own items. That said. This week she has a book fair at school so asked if she could get a book. So we discussed and I had her pick how she'd earn her book fair funds, she picked reading a book to me. We read a book together and she earned her money. Reading has been a struggle but she has improved greatly so I was excited to help her earn her book money.
Jordan...I never got an allowance nor did I have mandatory chores. Certain chores or jobs around the house were of specific value. Do the job well and correctly, and earn the cash. I also got paid for my grades so there was a strong emphasis and incentive to do well in school.
Erin...I never did allowance. My kids didn't have regular chores. They just helped out when asked and I gave them money when they needed it. They both got jobs at age 14 and made their own money and are hard workers today at ages 20 and 22. Proud of them and who they have become!!!
Brenda...My kids were never given an allowance. The chores that they were assigned to do were part of what we referred to as family survival. Everybody did their part to make things work. If there was something they wanted they figured out ways to earn the money. Yes, we helped them with that. I'm proud to say my children are responsible adults.
Krystina...My kids don't get paid to help around the house. Ok, they do get "paid..." They get good home-cooked meals, clean clothes, warm beds to sleep in, and all the other necessities of life. I don't think you should be paid for being a part of a family.
Beth...Nothing. Doing chores is a cost of being part of a family. We are a team and we all work together to get household tasks done.
Bonnie...Family is one. You scratch my back. I scratch yours.
Shannon...Nothing. They were expected to help out because they also helped make dirty dishes, fill up the trash, dirty laundry, etc.
Mary...I did not give allowances! If you live in my house, everyone pitches in! If you needed movie money, I gave it; because everyone needs a day away! For something special, extra chores could earn a privilege.
Paul...Nothing. Basic chores is because you live here. Plus the benefits of not having to buy your cellphone/tablet plus internet service. Doing extra stuff, that is paid for based on what it is.
Ian...I never got an allowance.
Natasha...People can actually afford allowances after groceries?
Vicki...In the '80s, I got 5.00 a week on Fridays so I could go to the Skating Place in St Cloud. (3.50 to skate and money to get a Pepsi).  PS: I worked my !%& off for it.
Ryan...None when they are old enough they can get a job.
Willy...They get to eat n sleep under my roof.
Shane...Nothing my 14-year-old paid cash for his own 08 Impala.
Dezarae...It varies, it's up to them what they want to earn. I pay per chore. They do not get paid for cleaning their rooms, it's their mess. Carrying laundry to be started, putting it in the dryer, trash, carrying groceries, whatever. They earn money or video game time if they've already used the free time they get for having good behavior in school.
Tonia...Our kids get up to $20 a week but it is based on chores.

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