ST. CLOUD - Starting next year, Minnesotans may need more than their current driver's license to board a domestic flight. We are one of four states that haven't complied with stronger federal requirements.

State Senator John Pederson of St. Cloud says if you have travel plans early next year, and you're concerned about being able to get on the plane, you do have a few options.

They can get an enhanced driver's license for an additional $15. Even though the Department of Motor Vehicles doesn't really advertise that, but people are becoming more aware of that now. Or, you can just go and get a passport for somewhere around $90.

Pederson says he's not in favor of having a special session to deal with this issue. And, he says he's not sure he'll support legislation to change the state's ID during the regular session either.

I am uncomfortable allowing the federal government to put a chip in every driver's license of every U.S. citizen in order to track their identity and where they're traveling. I do have some grave concerns about that.

Pederson says it's estimated it would cost Minnesota about $240 million to upgrade every license in the state.

The Federal Real ID Act was passed in 2009.

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