SARTELL - Sartell Police say messages circulating through social media suggesting an attack by ISIS in Minnesota, including St. Cloud, are only a rumor.

Police Chief Jim Hughes says his department recieved numerous emails and calls on Monday night about a Tweet that was sent out on the 21st (shown above). The post says that there's a strong possibility ISIS was targeting St. Cloud, Maple Grove and Rochester sometime in the next week.

The department looked into the post and spoke to the people who posted the information. Hughes says they told police they heard the message second and third hand.

'We did some digging, talked with a person who posted it who had heard it from someone else, who heard it from someone else. We were also in contact with the Minnesota Joint Analysis Center about any threats to Minnesota. They had not received any information of validation for what I provided to them as a specific threat."

The Stearns County Sheriff's Office also helped in the investigation. In a post on their Facebook, they say none of the information on the post can be confirmed. Hughes says after investigation, the post is no more than a rumor.

"We weren't able to confirm any specific threats to those locations. Nor were state lawmakers able to confirm any threats to those locations either."

Sartell Police remind you it's still important to report any suspicious activity you see to local law enforcement. For more information on the See Something Say Something campaign, click here. Hughes says when in doubt, you can always contact police.

"When you're not sure about something before you copy and paste it or retweet it: be aware of if it's true. Contact your local law enforcement so they can look into it so they can investigate and quash any rumors."

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