With one in three seniors dying with Alzheimer’s or dementia (Alzheimer’s Association),Minnesota’s own,  In The Moment Films,  is capturing the heartache these diseases cause in their new non- profit short film Robert in the Bedroom. There is no doubt that this short film will grip your heart and bring you to tears, yet they are in need of your help. Your generous donation will ensure that this film is seen and that people will grasp the impact and severity of this currently incurable disease. Cynthia Uhrich, founder of In The Moment Films and producer of the film says, “It is my hope that this film will increase awareness of this disease.”

Kelly Cordes 2014
Kelly Cordes 2014

To learn more about all In The Moment Films offers, visit: http://www.itmacting.com/itmfilms/

Kayla Coffland

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