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Do you believe in UFO's? Well, UFO sightings around our state are alive and well in 2017. Since January, The National UFO Reporting Center, there have been 10 sightings in the state. Many of the items were seen from different cities on the same day.  The sighting pictured above was published January 2nd of 2017, and seen over St. Paul.

Shade Darker/Youtube

The most recent sightings were reported on February 10th, 2017. An Anonymous report came in from Eagan on 2/10/17, described as a bright light against the sun:magnificant brightness and manueverability against the clouds.

February 6th in Minneapolis a report was made that described a fast moving ball of light over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.


On February 4th in Marshall,  a bright neon, forest green orb moved under the clouds; it entered with a bright flash and a momentary tail.

On January 29th in Cohasset,  a stationary very bright light was spotted over northern minnesota, during a clear, dark, evening sky.

A green flash was also seen in Minneapolis over a golf course on January 24th, and described as an interesting cigar shaped object was spotted over minneapolis on January 19th.

In Randall on January 17th for 15 minutes, red, blue white circular flashing lights were observed, and the lights were sometimes only lit one at a time. Circular shaped object.

Possibly this same object was spotted in Elk River on January 15th of 2017. Described as much larger than any stars, and stationary, it was spotted by a man and his wife,and a neighbor.

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