WAITE PARK - Dogs are man's best friends, and a kid's best reading buddy.

On Saturday, children ages five to 10 read to Tammy, a therapy dog, to practice their reading skills. Tammy was at the Waite Park Library from 11:00 a.m. until noon.

Tammy provides a safe space for kids to read, she doesn't laugh or judge the kids if they don't pronounce a word correctly.

"Families bring their kids in to read so they can have a comfort level. They don't feel like they are on edge. They do not have to sound out words perfectly since no one is criticizing," said Jody Kappes.

Kappes works at the library and says she has seen a lot of progress with the kids who read to Tammy. Not only do the kids make progress, but they have a great time also.

Kids can bring their own book, or use one from the library.

To keep an eye on when Tammy will be at the Waite Park Library make sure to check their website for opportunities to sign up.

The Waite Park Library also offers teen and adult events.

Justin LaBounty, WJON
Justin LaBounty, WJON


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