SARTELL -- State Senate Candidate Democrat Joe Perske of Sartell is responding to a campaign finance complaint made against his campaign. The complaint filed earlier this month alleges he reused campaign signs from an earlier run for Congress and that he accepted free airtime on a radio show.

Perske says he is "disheartened" and that the political bickering and fighting is distracting.

I"m going to file a response with the campaign finance board, which is appropriate.  And from that filing, they'll find out that I'm just a frugal guy and that there was no wrongdoing in what I had actually done.

Perske's opponent Republican Jeff Howe of Rockville didn't want to comment too much about the complaint, only that everybody has to play by the rules even if they don't make a lot of sense.

Perske and Howe are running for the District 13 Senate seat previously held by Republican Michelle Fischbach of Paynesville. The candidate who wins will have his party control the State Senate for the next two years.

The two men were on the News @ Noon show for a debate last month.  Check out the full story.   

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