ST. CLOUD -- April is National Organ Donor Month, and one father and son from St. Cloud knows first hand the importance of organ donation.

"I mean it's unbelievable because I wouldn't be here without him," says Judd Peterson.

It was a doctors visit that would change more than just Judd Peterson's life when he found out he needed a kidney transplant three years ago.

"They started talking about, you know you're going to need a transplant," says Judd.

With both kidney's failing doctors suggested to see if his son Derek Peterson would be a match.

"You think about you know what could go wrong and what would happen to my kids if something went wrong," says Derek.

Derek was a perfect match and by donating an organ not only did he save a life, but saved someone close to him.

"The kidney has done wonderful. It's function is great in fact it's a little better than his and he is a little disturbed about that," says Judd.

"My life has not changed one bit because of this and I have made another persons life wonderful," says Derek.

Today both Judd and Derek continue to life happy and healthy lives.


Judd Peterson (left) needed a kidney transplant and received the organ from his son Derek (right). (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)