Former actor and football star cancer of life O.J. "If I Did It" Simpson has ironically died of cancer. He was 76 old enough.

oh no ANYWAY here's five more things to be happy about today.

#1: K-9 Police Academy Flunk-Out Becomes a Hero

An elephant will think it's a failure if told to climb a tree. A Choad will become a failure if he moves to California to be a rock star. Instead of lingering on the negative of what you can't do, focus on the positive of what you can do.

A dog in Taiwan named Roger flunked out of drug-sniffing dog school. Instead of going out back behind the barn, he became a hero by using his exuberance and independent streak (kinda bad traits to be a drug-sniffer-outer) by locating an earthquake victim who hadn't yet been found. That's a great pupper!

#2: Vermont Couple Hated Mowing Their Lawn, So They Planted Wildflowers

TRIGGER WARNING FOR DADS: lawn elimination

Jonathan Yacko (my favorite Animaniac behind Jonathan Wakko and Jonathan Dot) and wife Natalie Gilliard grew tired of mowing their 2 1/2 acre lawn, so they planted wildflowers.

Their neighbors love the lovely look; and the birds, bees, and butterflies certainly agree.

#3: Help Your Teammate With a Pat on the Back

A study by researchers at the University of Basel (NOT your creepy uncle) shows that physical touch like a hug or a pat on the back can reduce stress.

The study went so far as to prove that a pat on the back statistically improves free throw percentage in collegiate basketball.

"We need four hugs a day for survival, eight hugs a day for maintenance, twelve hugs a day for growth" ~ marriage and family therapist Virginia Satir

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