BECKER -- One of the largest metal recycling companies in the Midwest is considering relocating from its Minneapolis location to the city of Becker.

Northern Metal & Recycling has several locations across Minnesota, but have run out of space on their 12-acre site in Minneapolis.

Sherburne County Administrator Steve Taylor says the talks are in the preliminary stages, but if the company moves to Becker, it would bring 75-90 well-paying jobs.  He says that could help offset any job losses when the Sherco power plant transitions from coal to natural gas in the next several years.

Taylor says Northern Metal is looking for a larger site and their barge shipping at the Minneapolis location has been locked for the past year.  He says Northern Metal is looking for a location near a rail line and also uses a lot of power, making Becker a good fit.

Northern Metal is looking at a 40-acre site near the railroad tracks and the Sherco power plant within the city limits.

Taylor says Becker is considered one of the favorites to land the company, but any potential move is still 1-2 years away.