ST. CLOUD -- The Stearns County Sheriff's Office is warning you of a scam.

Sheriff Don Gudmundson says a Stearns County couple received a call that their grandson was in jail in California and needed money to get the charges dropped.

The caller told the couple to keep it confidential and to send cash via FedEx to an address in Toledo, Ohio.

When the couple sent the cash, the scammers asked for more money. The couple again sent more cash, which was followed by a third call from the scammers. The couple then called the Stearns County Sheriff's Office.

Gudmundson reminds you law enforcement will never ask you to send money via FedEx, Western Union or any other money wiring service. He also says scammers ask you to keep the matter confidential so you don't catch on to what they are doing.

If you receive any calls like this, you should call your local police department.