MONTICELLO -- After months of negotiation, including a six day lockout, union security workers at the Monticello Nuclear Plant have reached a new deal.

Josh Haider is the President of the United Security Professionals Local 2. He says at the heart of the issue was when G4S opted to change their health insurance plan.

What the sticking point was a propose moved from our current plan, Medica to Blue Cross Blue Shield, and bumping us down a number of tiers as far as our coverage is concerned. Which the company wanted to do in order to save money.

The deal is for three years and allows the union workers to keep their health insurance coverage, and a raise to reflect the cost of living increase during that time.

Randy Sand has been working at the power plant since 1979. He says this was a stressful time for them.

It becomes stressful for us and our families but what do you do. You press on and rely on the strength of our members and the community and hope things will get resolved.

Negotiations between the two sides began in March and employees were told they would be locked out of the plant last Saturday.

Several state lawmakers were in attendance for Friday's news conference. Minnesota State Senator Andrew Mathews says he hopes this isn't a trend employers are making as a way to cut costs.

It makes me wonder if we will continue to see this where companies try to push more and more costs onto families. I was glad this group of individuals could push back and get a deal that works for them.

Haider says the union employees will return to work on Monday.

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