RENVILLE - Interim Superintendent John Whidby at the Renville County West School District says it could have been a lot worse. At 7:30 this morning a semi hauling a tanker trailer rear-ended an RCW school bus with two students inside, shaking up the driver and students but causing no serious injuries.

The truck driver also was not hurt.

Renville County Sheriff Scott Hable says it was very foggy at the time of the crash. Hable says it looks like the bus driver was traveling on County Road 1, two miles south of Danube, and missed his turn on 810th Street. He was either stopped or backing up when he was hit by the semi, which was hauling an empty tanker.

Both vehicles had significant damage and Whidby says the bus will be out of commission for awhile.

This story courtesy of KWLM in Willmar.