Holidays are for celebrating and nothing kicks off a celebration like a few cocktails. Personally, I have really cut down on my alcohol intake once I discovered I could make almost as many bad decisions without it.

But hey, it's the holidays and everyone likes to tip a few. If not to relieve a little of the stress the season tends to bring on but to put one in a celebratory state of mind.

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Growing up, no one was more excited about the holiday season than my dad. I swear, he was like a little kid when it came to this time of year. He would make all sorts of Christmas candy like fudge, divinity, peanut brittle, etc.

My dad also had a holiday tradition of making oyster stew Christmas Eve. As kids we called it, out of earshot of my day of course, snot soup.

Anyway, getting back to holiday booze traditions, Alcohol.Org survey came up with the most popular holiday cocktail for each state. 3000 people were surveyed as asked what their favorite holiday cocktail was last year.

According to the survey, Minnesota's most popular holiday cocktail was eggnog. Not being a big fan of eggnog, I'm a little surprised by this finding.  If you are not familiar with eggnog, it's made up of raw eggs, sugar, heavy cream or milk, an combination of light spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and/or vanilla. Oh, and last but not least, some rum. Add liquor to taste

Minnesota is not alone.  Eggnog came in #1 across the country as the most popular holiday cocktail. Cheers!

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