I have not cut the cord yet. But with the streaming wars heating up, I'm feeling better about my options.

The latest streaming announcement came this week with Comcast announcing they're planning to offer a bundle of Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV+ for one low price.

Although there's no pricing for this, Comcast is promising a "vastly reduced" bundle price compared to buying the streaming services separately.

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Variety reports the bundle -- called "StreamSaver" -- will be available to Comcast TV and broadband customers and will offer a deep discount price.

Variety notes that in order to get the discount, you'll need to subscribe to Xfinity internet and/or Xfinity TV.

And that's the catch. If you don't live in the Xfinity service area, you're out of luck on this.

But this is actually great news -- even if you don't have access to Xfinity services.

The cable/streaming/entertainment industry is undergoing huge changes. Everyone's trying to be "the" place to be -- like Netflix or Disney+. But honestly, subscribing to even two or three of these streamers make it feel like you're being nickel-and-dimed to death.

That's why bundles like Xfinity's StreamSaver are good news. They can offer better prices, more entertainment and less monkeying around with subscriptions, autopays and learning curves. Anything that makes my life easier and still gives me the Food Network when I want it -- with a minimum of humbug -- I'm all for!

And if this bundle streaming package works well for Xfinity, you KNOW other cable providers and streamers will quickly follow suit.


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