FOLEY - Beer, friends and camping are a common trio that combined at an uncommon camp ground.

Saturday into Sunday Mighty Axe Hops in Foley hosted a camp-out for Fair State Brewing Cooperative and it's members. Fair State is a Co-Op based out of Northeast Minneapolis.

Davin Haukebo-bol is a member of Fair-State and director of the weekend camp. He says the idea for a camp-out was a group idea and something everyone was looking forward to.

"It was a collective idea at Fair State, we wanted to go camping with our membership.  We had to figure out where we were going to do it so we reached out to (Mighty Axe Hops). We wanted to have some different events throughout the day but also let people have the ability to relax and read a book."

A few of the events at the camp were classes on home brewing, a group mural and a class on different ways to make coffee.

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