SARTELL -- A Sartell dog grooming business is planning to move into their new forever home this spring.

Knotty Paws opened in 2013 in the strip mall at 10th Avenue North, across from Pine Ridge Golf Course.

Back in September the property owner said their lease would not be extended and would have until May to find a new location. Grooming Manager Larissa Aumock says it was one of their clients to led them to the former Benton Drive Mini-Serve, which will be their new home.

He had actually talked about moving us into his location years ago, but we were not ready to leave. We had this lease, and were just growing and the timing wasn't right. Now we need to make the timing right.

Owner Kelly Thompson says they wanted to stay in the Sartell area. She says the building is about 500-square-feet larger than their current facility, and allows them to renovate it to best fit their needs.

There is nothing their but a shell. There is no power, no plumbing, no walls. We are basically starting from scratch.

Besides growing the grooming operations, they plan to expand their doggie daycare, including an outdoor play area.

Thompson says they plan to remain open in their current location until their new facility is ready in May.