ST. CLOUD -- The two candidates running for Minnesota House District 14B were on the News @ Noon Show Thursday for a candidate forum.

Democrat Dan Wolgamott is challenging incumbent Republican Jim Knoblach.

Wolgamott was the aggressor throughout much of the conversation, criticizing Knoblach and the Republican-controlled House for passing a large omnibus bill in the final hours of the last session.

The biggest example of that happened just this past session with Jim's 989-page omnibus bill that just jam-packed everything into one single bill.  It happened right at the last minute in the dead of night.

Governor Mark Dayton ended-up vetoing both the tax conformity bill and the supplemental budget bill. Knoblach says it is the Governor to blame for those bills not getting passed into law.

I was very disappointed with Governor Dayton vetoing that bill.  And to me, it was all politics on Governor Dayton's part.  If Governor Dayton really was concerned about the items in that bill and he felt he had to veto it, then fine veto it, but then call us back to a special session.

House District 14B includes north St. Cloud, east St. Cloud and Haven and Minden Townships.

Two years ago Knobloch beat out Zach Dorholt 51-48 percent for the seat. Meanwhile, Wolgamott lost to Jerry Relph by just 141 votes for the State Senate seat in District 14.

The general election is coming up on November 6th.