ST. CLOUD -- The St. Scholastica Convent held an event tonight (Wednesday) on "Iraq and the Trumoil in The Middle East."

Iraqi American Sami Rasouli was this evenings guest speaker addressing the public about the situation in Iraq.

Rasouli has been traveling between both countries sharing his thoughts, wisdom and hope of friendship between the two sides.

Sami was recently given the 2013 Hawkinson Honorary Award because of his efforts to bring peace between Iraq and America.

In his efforts working with human rights organization, he founded the Muslim Peacemaker Teams in Iraq, leading to the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project in Minneapolis.

Rasouli continues to establish a friendship between the people of these countries and says that the youth can make a difference in the future.

If you would like to know more about Sami Rasouli or his organizations, find him on Facebook or visit his website,