AVON -- A local pharmacy is going above and beyond to help Stearns County residents, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

K&S Pharmacy in Avon is owned and operated by Karla Schneider and her sister Sarah Grutsch.

Nutrition, Diet & Health Specialist, Personal Fitness Trainer, and frequent customer Michelle Parker says in addition to the business side of things, Schneider is actively supporting the community.

She has donated lots and lots of money to lots of different organizations to help them out. She also has a page on Facebook that she writes on every day both inspirational things and really informative things that are good to know.

Schneider is also a swim coach for Albany Public Schools where her children go to school. Parker says sometimes pharmacies and the services they offer get overlooked.

I just think a lot of pharmacists don't get the recognition that they really deserve because honestly to me I think our pharmacists are our lifeline. They make sure that meds don't get confused or mixed up or you're not taking something that's going to affect the other thing you're taking.

The pharmacy has recently started offering curbside service for customers to help with social distancing.

K&S Pharmacy opened back in 2012 and primarily serves the communities of Avon, Albany, and Holdingford.


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