The last four weeks we’ve spent time talking to Amy from Bursch Travel and getting tips on some of the best places to go on vacation. Let’s face it, your money is hard earned, and you want to get the most for your money, but also enjoy the experience.  

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Ever had a bad vacation? I think we all have, and if we could go back and do something different about that trip before we ever took it, we probably would, right? 
This week’s topic of conversation with Amy is about why you should consider using a travel professional to help with your plans.

“I think the first thing I would say to someone when they’re questioning using a professional is that we are always going to be your advocate. It happened before Covid, but especially during Covid people got to see that things can go wrong very, very fast with travel. If you don’t have someone there for you to be your advocate, all that stress falls on your shoulders” Amy says.  

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“Alot of what we do is putting out fires, people who’ve gotten stuck or showed up and got the wrong room category”. We all know someone that these things have happened to, if not to you. 

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“We can’t promise that nothing will go wrong on your trip, but we can promise that we will help, if or when things do go wrong” Amy says.  

The question was asked; “what are the most common things people overlook when planning their own vacation? “One thing that just came up recently, the cruise lines and the resorts are very good at marketing and advertising. They can make something sound very good when it turns out it’s not what it appears to be".  

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Amy says the wording some resorts, hotels, and cruise lines use for instance could say “Ocean View” but in reality, you can only see the ocean through a small sliver through the trees. Ocean view rooms can be much different than ocean front rooms.


Many people start their vacation on Saturday’s or Sunday’s, and if there’s a problem and you’ve arranged your vacation through Bursch Travel, you have someone to call. “We just developed an emergency, after hours service at Bursch Travel. We work with our preferred suppliers that we have built relationships with, so we have them backing us” Amy says. And on top of that the suppliers Bursch works with offers 24/7 Service as well.  

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“We’ve found that someone in that situation, they want to call a number and talk to a person, and that was very important that we have that available to our clients, so I can happily say we offer that service now”. 

To find out more, reach out to Bursch Travel at You can also follow Bursch Travel on Instagram and Facebook. You’ll find a lot of travel trends and updates on their social media pages.  

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