ST. JOSEPH -- "It takes a rooster to make a chick," that's the motto of one local business owner who has been practicing an age-old tradition for more than a decade.

This week in our "Frozen In Time" series we took a trip out to St. Joseph to get the scoop on a local press shop.

Mary Bruno has been running Bruno Press since her father, Don Bruno passed away in 2003.

Don was an art professor at St. Cloud State University. When the art department decided to get rid of their old printing presses, Don wanted to give them a home.

In the 1980s Don started doing freelance work making cards and signs on the printing press. He built a small attached to his garage and turned it into his shop.

Mary carves her own stamps into reduction blocks, mixes her own ink and presses the designs onto freshly cut paper using equipment that is more than a century old. One of the four presses date back to 1910.

Mary says it's all about the tradition of the trade.

Mary's holiday cards have proven to be quite popular. She ties in her own festive humor with a little seasons greeting.

The shop smells of ink and press wash giving some of her customers a feeling of nostalgia.

See a video of Bruno Press below.