Who doesn’t love free stuff? Here is a quick guide to some freebies you may not have been aware of.


I love a good road trip. Any time we get to jump in the car and go have adventure, I’m all about it. Did you know you can get a free road trip, even if you don’t have a car? It’s true! When people move, many fly instead of drive so they can get to where they’re moving ahead of the moving service and set things up; especially if they need to be somewhere to close on a house. They still need to get their car to their new city, and that’s where you come in. Sign up as a driver for an auto relocation service and you’ll never have to pay for a road trip again. Drivers are needed for when folks relocate or head south for the winter. They’re also needed for corporate fleet cars or for folks who purchase a vehicle online. There is an upfront cost of $350, but it gets refunded when you come back. You also get a free tank of gas!

Car Service

Speaking of cars, every time something goes wrong, your first instinct is “How much is this going to cost?” and you’re afraid to hear the answer. Did you know some auto service chains like Pep Boys let you drive in and will help with certain services for free? They offer free tire rotation (often $59 and up at some places), tire repair, brake inspection, battery testing, SES light diagnostics (often $99 at some dealers), alignment checks and wiper installation. All at no cost!


Do I have your attention? Good; because this is awesome and you can make/save a bunch. Many credit cards offer rewards in the way of cash back, gift cards, airline miles, etc. and if you’re buying gas and groceries anyway and the credit card is going to pay you, it may be worth it to look into it. If you don’t want another credit card in your pocket, there are websites that let you sign up and get cash back just for shopping online. I love online shopping. If Zappos sold food, I’d never have to leave the house except to go to work. Online shopping is so easy, and often times if you’re willing to wait a day or two, cheaper than shopping in the store and you don’t even have to put on pants. A website like Ebates pays you for shopping online at any of their 900 participating retailers. They then send you a check, transfer money to you via Pay Pal or will donate to a charity in your name. Ebates is also free. (Honorable mentions go to Coupon Cactus and Be Frugal)


Fast food can sometimes be free food depending on the month. God bless Arby’s for taking pity on the American tax payer as they had out free French fries on tax day every year. There are restaurants all over town that give away free meals on Veteran’s Day and for Pancake Day, some restaurants give away a free stack.