FOLEY --  The Foley City Council Tuesday night rejected an amended chicken ordinance that would allow residents to keep chickens on their property.

The proposed amended ordinance would have required citizens who wanted to have chickens on their property to purchase an annual permit from the city for a price of 15-dollars.

No more than 5 chickens would have been allowed on an acre lot or less, and no more than 10 on a lot of one acre or more.

Violations of the ordinance would be met by a 100-dollar fine for the first offense, and a 200-dollar fine on the second. A third offense would have resulted in the removal of the chickens from the property.

The ordinance would have also created a "chicken committee" made up of volunteers that would help enforce the ordinance.

The council decided against the ordinance based off guidance from city officials, who cited the low cost of the annual fee and enforcement of the ordinance as the primary concerns.

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