WAITE PARK -- The Waite Park Fleet Farm is getting a major remodel starting this month.

The renovations is part of the company's store of the future program. CEO Derick Prelle says besides building brand new stores, they wanted to look at some of their more successful locations to renovate as well.

This is one of our best stores and it's hard to do as much business as we do in this space. We also wanted a store where we felt our customers would appreciate the upgrade and it seemed like a perfect fit here in Waite Park.

The store will also get a new interior and exterior layout, new farm lines and 3,000 new products in grocery, dairy, and frozen foods. Prelle says a big part of the renovation will be adding about 22,000 square-feet of sales floor space.

Earlier this year we built a new distribution center, which allows us to control inventory in the stores better. So our big back room is no longer needed so we are going to convert that into sale space for our customers.

Prelle says they will remain open during the renovations, which is scheduled to be completed by April.

This is the first of the companies 42 stores to get the remodel. The Waite Park location was first built in 1979 and first renovated in 1994.

New sales space inside Fleet Farm (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)