ST. CLOUD -- More evidence was presented to the jury in the Brian Fitch trial on Tuesday afternoon.

Forensic Technician with the St. Paul Police Department Jamie Sipes continued his testimony, talking about damage done to the passenger seat headrest from a bullet that was shot from the drivers seat. The damage appeared to indicate that Fitch was shooting at police.

The defense responded by saying that there was a lack of photo evidence of certain angles of the headrest.

Several officers took the stand to talk about their investigation into the crime. One testified saying they found nearly $3,000 in cash, brass knuckles and a hand drawn map on a Jimmy John's bag inside Fitch's blue-camo pants pocket.

Another investigator says a cell phone recovered believed to belong to Fitch was busy during the afternoon after the shooting of Officer Scott Patrick. The phone had numerous internet searches about news media updates on the shooting and Patrick's death.

Also in the afternoon, Judge Mary Theisen told the jury that the trial is moving quicker than expected. The case could be finished as early as Friday or Monday. Theisen originally told the jury to plan on the trial lasting two to two and-a-half weeks.

In the morning, a handful of witnesses took the stand.

A custodian of records for Sprint testified about cell phones and cell towers interact, how cell users locations are determined and how records are kept.

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Forensic Scientist Lindsey Garfield talked about a bullet fragment and shell casing found at the murder scene of officer Scott Patrick and also a brass colored 9mm shell casing found in the green Pontiac Grand Am.

Up next was a Forensic Technician with the St. Paul Police Department who testified about shell casings and other items found at the scene of the police shootout with Fitch. Officer Jamie Sipes said he discovered a brass 9mm shell casing near the light blue Hyundai Vera Cruz Fitch was driving. Officer Sipes also testified that three additional brass shell casings were found inside the car, one in the driver's side door grab, another in the center counsel cup holder and one behind the driver's seat in the back.

Police also recovered a black Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun with a makeshift laser sighting, three unspent rounds in the magazine and a spent round in the chamber which jammed and failed to eject.

Officer Sipes also said he found a small 3"x4" ivory-handled .22 caliber pistol. The pistol is very similar to the one Fitch's ex-girlfriend Taya Moran described in her testimony last week. She said she saw Fitch with that small gun in the days leading up to Officer Patrick's murder.

The jury could get the case by late this week or early next week.