LITTLE FALLS (WJON News) -- One Little Falls School District bus driver has been getting kids to school for over 50 years. Danny Fischer started driving for Strack Bus Service after he graduated from Little Falls High School in 1970.

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He would sub for bus drivers where he could around his full-time job working for Land O Lakes initially but now drives bus full time. Fischer says he mostly takes kids to and from Dr. S.G. Knight Elementary School in Randall and the biggest change in 50 years has been the technology:

"We've got cameras in our buses now on the inside. I've got cameras on the inside of my bus, some have them on the outside, you know, for people that run the red lights and stuff but I've just got mine on the inside which I really like because then if the kids are fooling around and they deny it you've got them on camera, you can prove it."

(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)
(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)

He says all the devices kids have can be a problem:

"Well, that's one thing about the kids nowadays they've got so many electronical devices and their bringing them on the buses you know, on my bus anyway, like cell phones, they've got these Ipads and computers and all that kind of stuff and it really creates a lot of commotion on the bus."

Fischer says he plans to keep driving as long as he can pass the physical and appreciates all the support he gets from parents:

"One of the, one of the mothers of the three little girls that I pick up on the bus, she got a hold of Joe Strack one day and told Joe that, she said I want you to keep Danny driving for another 20 years. I told Joe I'll be 90 years old, I won't pass the physical when I'm 90 years old. At least that tells me that the parent appreciates me."

Stop Sign on School Bus
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He says he has always enjoyed it and has taken three generations of some families to school:

"Some of the kids that I'm hauling on the bus, I used to haul their mom and dad years back. I told that one little girl, I said I used to haul your grandma on my bus, you did not, and I said yeah I did, so she went home and asked her grandma and grandma said yeah I did. It's kind of neat to have that."

Fischer recently received the VFW Safe Student Transportation Award and in 53 years of driving a school bus has never received a moving violation or been in an accident.



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