If you are looking for a unique night out, this might be THE event you want to enjoy; a nice romantic atmosphere, and evening at Jule's Bistro, on Tuesday, April 23rd 'A Special Evening With Solo Acoustic Guitarist Michael Gulezian."  Get your tickets by clicking HERE. There will be limited

Jule's Bistro
Jule's Bistro

seating for 40 people, so the sooner you book your tickets the better.  The event will be taking place from 7-9 pm, and you are encouraged to get there early to enjoy your food and drinks, before the performance.


As per Jule's Bistro Facebook Page: Though many guitarists are gifted at playing guitar, Michael Gulezian (gu-LAY-ze-in), by contrast, has distinguished himself with his boundary-free, horizon-expanding, genre-bending, transcendent, soulful, mind-opening, spiritually-imbued, exquisitely-gorgeous instrumental solo acoustic guitar music — music that quite literally defies description.
For his entire career, Michael has unpretentiously walked onstage and delivered one riveting performance after another. Each one of Michael's albums has raised the aesthetic of contemporary solo acoustic guitar to a new level. He's been called the musical link between John Fahey and Michael Hedges. Artists as diverse as Michael Hedges, Willy Porter, and Henry Kaiser have claimed him as a primary musical influence; young lions Andy McKee, Erik Mongrain, and Trevor Gordon Hall are quick to acknowledge him as an inspiration.
Fred Kraus of Minor 7th wrote "Michael Gulezian might be the most accomplished pure guitarist on the planet.” If you enjoy the artistry of musicians such as Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges — brilliant guitarists whose music touches the soul — then you will love Michael Gulezian.


Depending on the size of your group, you will most likely be seated at a table with others. Because there is limited seating, Jule's is making as much room as possible for everyone to enjoy the show.


Because this is a more formal performance than most of our live music at Jules', please arrive early and enjoy dinner before the performance begins. Additional drinks may be ordered and served during the break. There will be no food and drink DURING the performance so that you can hear all the amazing intricacies of his performance.


Jule's Bistro wishes to keep ticket prices for this event low so that it is accessible to everyone. If you like, you may make an additional freewill gift at the show in support of Michael Gulezian and his artistry.

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