When I first moved to Central Minnesota it took a while to make some new friends in the area. When I did make a friend it was a bit of a challenge to find their house because I didn't know the area well at all.

One of my good buddies lived in Sartell at the Oak Hill Estates apartment complex across the street from what was then Sartell High School. Since I wasn't familiar with Sartell (I don't remember why I didn't use GPS... maybe it wasn't as prevalent yet), I relied on certain landmarks to find my way to his place.

I knew that I needed to take Riverside, go past the Holiday station, past the dam and then I would look for this huge sign that pointed me in the right direction.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It made life a lot easier for me, especially when it was dark and I couldn't see the street signs as well.

Now that I have lived in Sartell for almost ten years and in the area for about 15, I know the lay of the land like the back in my hand. Please make sure to award me a bonus point for rhyming there. I no longer rely on the sign to get me to the Hardware Store or Coborn's.

However, I took a trip up Riverside (for old time's sake) and noticed that the sign had been taken down, presumably during the recent road reconstruction project. Like I said, I don't need it in my life anymore but it was still weird. To me, it felt like a Sartell staple.

Am I the only one who feels like something is missing on Riverside Drive?

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