ST. CLOUD -- As you head out to the lake this Memorial Day weekend, DNR officials are reminding you the water is still too cold for swimming.

Water Safety Officer Lieutenant Tim Knellwolf says the water temperature on Lake Mille Lacs, for example, is still at only 53 degrees.

He says if you're heading out on the boat or canoe this weekend, it would be a good idea to WEAR your life jacket.  Knellwolf says it's the law to have a life jacket in your boat for each occupant, but it's not a law that you must wear them.  But, Knellwolf says with water temperatures still dangerously cold, it's a good idea to play it safe and buckle up the life jackets.

Knellwolf says hypothermia can start setting in and you or your kids may not even realize it. He says it's better to be safe and just wait for the water temps to warm up before going swimming.

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