Cathedral is hosting a 3-day Crusader Christmas Classic Wednesday-Friday this week at Cathedral High School.  The event will feature 6 varsity boys and 6 varsity girls teams participating in this event.

Wednesday, 12/28

11:00am - Melrose vs. Concordia Academy (H) - G
12:30pm - Melrose vs. Concordia Academy (H) - B
2:15pm - SW Christian vs. Litchfield (H) - G
3:45pm - Spectrum vs. Litchfield (H) -B
5:30pm - Moose Lake vs. Cathedral (H) - G
7:00pm - Moose Lake vs. Cathedral (H) - B

Thursday, 12/29

11:00am - Litchfield vs. Moose Lake (H) - G
12:30pm -Litchfield vs. Moose Lake (H) - B
2:15pm - Melrose vs. SW Christian (H) - G
3:45pm - Melrose vs. Spectrum (H) - B
5:30pm - Concordia Academy vs. Cathedral (H) - G
7:00pm - Concordia Academy vs. Cathedral (H) - B

Friday, 12/30

11:00am - Moose Lake vs. Melrose (H) - G
12:30pm - Moose Lake vs. Melrose (H) - B
2:15pm - Concordia Academy vs. Litchfield (H) - G
3:45pm - Concordia Academy vs. Litchfield (H) -B
5:30pm - SW Christian vs. Cathedral (H) - G
7:00pm - Spectrum vs. Cathedral (H) - B


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