WAITE PARK -- Things are moving quickly at the Waite Park Amphitheater construction site.

The facilities footings and foundations have been completed and now crews are focusing on the performers area.

Public Works Director Bill Schlunez says the back of the house will have several key areas for the performers to use.

The back side is the kitchen area and the balance of that area is green room. We have men's and women's locker rooms and there is five separate dressing rooms.

The area will also include two office spaces for production and house staff.

As for the seating area Schluenz says they are starting to put together the retaining wall.

These are the foundation and footing walls for the VIP seating area, and on the backside of it will be some grass space and more concrete.

Schlunez says they hope to have the walls up for the box office, concession stand and back of the house by the end of next month.

When completed the amphitheater is expected to sit roughly 5,000 people and host 15 to 20 nationals acts every year. Currently those acts have not yet been announced.

The Waite Park Amphitheater is expected to be completed by next summer.