SARTELL -- Sartell residents will soon be able to grab some fresh handmade pizzas on their way home from work.

Clutch Take and Bake Pizza plans to open in the former Mastoni's location around May 15th.

Owner Shawn Lindsay says while he's been a fan of Mastoni's, he never thought he would be their successor.

We knew it was successful and as we looked all the pieces and put it together, thought it was a good opportunity and here we are.

Lindsay says it's been an exciting experience and they have been getting positive feedback from the community.

He adds they are even planning to add a few Mastoni's favorites to their menu.


That was one of the things we wanted to accomplished, was to keep it familiar to people who were fans of Mastoni's before they closed. We found some of the favorites people have been talking about and we are definitely going to bring some of those back.

Lindsay says they are currently looking to hire and get staff trained in before their grand opening.

Mastoni's closed back in December.