Have you ever wanted to go out sledding on a super snowy day only to realize you didn't have a sled of your own?

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That's definitely been me a few times in my life. But, now, you don't have to worry about being sled-less. The City of Becker has taken a page out of Foley's book and added a community 'sled shed' to City Park.

The idea is that people who don't have a sled of their own can borrow one from the 'sled shed'.

According to Becker Parks and Recreation's Facebook page, "borrow a sled and have some fun--then, return it when you're done!"

You can also donate a sled to the shed if you've got one that you're not using and don't mind giving up. All you need to do is drop it off in the 'sled shed'. It's a cute little blue wooden structure big enough for holding sleds of various shapes and sizes.

The shed has an open top and doesn't lock so that you can have access to it as long as the park is open!

So far, the new park attraction has drawn several positive comments from the community.

Jim Janssen wrote, "Great idea! We do have a sled and a beginner kids snowboard. I will drop them off!"

Karen Wipper said, "So cool! Huge appreciation to the Becker Lions Club..."

Becker City Park is located at 10362 County Road 23. It's a 113.76-acre area with a large shelter with a kitchen and bathrooms for rent year-round. They also have cross-country ski trails and of course sledding hills.

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