As I was scrolling through my Facebook page the other day, I ran across a few different people recommending Yoga for the new year. After having some in studio guests who are lifers for Yoga, I thought this might be something that would be good for everyone who needs to destress. I thought I'd try out the first sample video, and wow! I felt great when I was done, and it didn't take much time at all.

As I was searching for something that might work for a beginner, I ran across this! the Revolution - 31 Days of Yoga!  31 days? That's all? I can give this a try!

Yoga with Adriene/Facebook
Yoga with Adriene/Facebook

I sat down and watched Adriene, a yoga instructor out of Austin, Texas. Her beginner easy approach and energy, were appealing and contagious. I was able to get through the first 25 minutes off yoga, as she explained what and why I was performing each exercise, and once I was done, I felt so de-stressed and relaxed, I was really excited to share this opportunity with you.

This is absolutely free, but something that we can all do in our own homes, without any equipment. I already had a yoga mat, which makes the exercises easier, but it isn't necessary.

If this is something you'd like to try, just click on the link here, and join me! Then let me know if you committed to the 31 days, and let me know if this becomes a new life habit, and how it has affected your life for the better!

Send me an email if you decide to join along for the 31 day challenge! Send your email to

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