CLEARWATER - Today (Thursday) in our "Made in Central Minnesota" series we have the story of a Clearwater woman who created a product for herself, and turned it into a thriving business.


Purple Prairie Botanicals is owned by Bethany Albers.  She says it all started because she had sensitive skin and couldn't find a skin-care product on the market that worked for her.

Albers says she taught herself how to mix the ingredients to create her soaps, lotions, and other products.

Albers says her organic product line has grown to about 50 items in just 12 years.

She started the company in 2000, but it really took off six years later when she put the products online.

All of her products are skin care items that people use in their everyday lives, like: soap, lotion, bug spray and sun screen.  Her bars of soap, which was her first creation, is still her top seller.

Albers says she has five people who work with her.  She plans to continue to grow the brand.  And the customers drive what the next products will be.