ST. MARTIN - There aren't very many companies making custom, low-bed trailers for huge pieces of equipment in the U.S, but a leader in the field is right here in our area.

St. Martin's Palomino Manufacturing Corporation is today's "Made in Central Minnesota" business.

The company put down roots in the area 11 years ago, designing, building and shipping trailers for construction and farm equipment called Muv-All Lowbed Trailers. The trailers are designed and customized to haul pieces of equipment as heavy as 120,000 lbs. for near or short travel.

And, thanks to serious growth, the 19-person company has a clientele in every state, Canada and Australia.

Another key detail of Palomino - it's a family business. Stephanie Ebnet's parents own the company, and 6 years ago, she joined up as the parts purchaser. She says she's happy to have a job she enjoys, working with her own family.

Palomino's competition is national, but Bob Paggen, Vice President of Sales, says the their formula for success in the industry is a niche product and a small, knowledgeable staff that is always available.

Paggen says they have little turnover and everyone on staff is highly skilled in their specific craft. He adds all the parts are American-made, something that might drive costs at times but also has earned many repeat customers.